BUS MART NEWS:  Well Ron is still here and Bus Mart has not closed.  After 45 years of selling clean refurbished used buses, Ron just can’t quit.  Too many wonderful customers over the years to say goodbye.  Actually we have changed our operation in that Ron has semi retired. However when I see unusually clean used school buses we put them in stock.  It’s my semi retired hobby. We will not stock a lot of equipment but  If you see buses on our web site you will know that they are unusually clean nice buses. Also we deal in extra clean Florida 4-wheel drive pickup trucks.  A 10-15 year old Florida truck that has never seen a day of corrosive road salt looks like a new truck.  Just unbelievably clean!  We will list a few of them from time to time as the ole snowbird brings them north.  The only phone number to reach me is (765) 425-4260.

With over 45 years of experience in selling and refurbishing buses, Bus Mart Inc. is here to assist you in making the right choice in finding equipment at a price you can afford. Here you can find a wide selection of used buses available for schools, churches, businesses, contractors and other organizations.

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2011 Bluebird Vision

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2011 Bluebird Vision

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2016 IC 71 passenger

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