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2004 International T444E Diesel

2004 International 72 passenger T444E Diesel, air brakes, air driver seat, air door, air ride.  66,000 mile.  Engine was replaced with new engine around 36,000 mile. Very nice bus.  $9,500

2004 International 72 passenger

2004 International 72 passenger T444E Diesel, air brakes, air driver seat, air door. Mileage 99,000. Clean local bus.  Ready to go back to school.  $8,500

2007 International 66 passenger

2007 International 66 passenger Air Conditioned school bus.  DT466 Diesel, air brakes, air ride, air door, 148,000 mile.  Very nice bus.  Had codes checked 12/12/19 and we replaced EGR valve at a cost of $1,200 at Dave’s Diesel.  No other codes shown.  Ready to go back into school service.

2011 Bluebird Vision

Cummins Diesel, Allison Aotomatic, AirRide, Air doors & driver seat, dual strobe stop arms, strobe light, 77,500 miles.  Call Ron for further details at (765) 425-4260

2004 Ford Non CDL

2004 Ford Non CDL 14 PASSENGER Air Conditioned Mid Bus.   Very low mileage bus for a 2004.  Has perfect seats, very nice body, has had the upgrade on the 6 liter Diesel engine with new studded head bolts.  The Air Conditioning has been checked with dryer replacement and evacuation check for leaks, see related billing. …

2011 Bluebird Vision

We have four 2011 Bluebird Visions. 66 Passenger, Cummins powered, Allison Automatic, AIR BRAKES, DOORS, DRIVERS SEAT, AND REAR AIR RIDE, THIS PARTICULAR BUS HAS BEEN SET UP FOR LOUISIANA SPEC’S.  The three have not been converted to New Orleans specs. The buses came out of southern Indiana and are very very nice. Mileage is…